Publication Date

Spring 2017

Document Type

Project Summary

Degree Name

Master of Arts


Multicategorical Special Education

First Advisor

Philip Boudreau, Ph.D.


Today’s students do not come to school with the traditional set of academic proficiencies and emotional competence they once used to. In recent years, Social Emotional Learning has gradually gained a positive reputation in the educational community. The purpose of this investigation was to assess teachers on their knowledge and use of the Social Emotional Learning Standards, as well as their perspectives on the importance of these standards in the educational development of their students. A small pool of licensed teachers from the Cook County, Illinois area were polled by means of an electronically disbursed, anonymous survey. The overall results were that teachers believed that Social Emotional Learning Standards are important for the growth and development of all students. However, the results demonstrated that these teachers still lack knowledge and do not implement the standards in their lesson planning. Future investigation into the inconsistency might involve educator training in application and awareness of the current topic.


IRB Training certificate was removed from manuscript. Appendix B is posted as a supplemental file.