Publication Date

Spring 2014

Document Type

Project Summary

Degree Name

Master of Arts


Communication and Training

First Advisor

David Rhea, Ph.D.

Second Advisor

Pam Dilday, M.A.

Third Advisor

Jason Zingsheim, Ph.D.


Have you ever felt that you needed to do something or feel a certain way because someone made you believe that there was no other option? I often find myself in certain situations in both my personal and professional life that there is some force a person is using to affect change in me. I really wanted to understand more about this force or power that is capable of doing this. I knew that my applied project and the development of a workshop on this topic was a perfect solution. Over the last year, I have paid attention to people using power in both good and bad ways, and I have noticed people struggle with the influence that is forced upon them. I often come across personal and professional development opportunities and thought that a workshop on the topic of power and influence would benefit many people. If people understand the elements of the power that is used to influence them, they will be better able to accept and adapt to the situation they are in. Also, in their own lives, they are able to make better decisions on the power they choose when influencing others. The purpose of my project is three-fold: to identify the different types of power people use to influence others, explore a tool that can be used to make decisions on what type of power people should use in certain situations and combine the information to create a workshop for a non-credit community education course on power and influence at a community college.