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Communication, Media, and Performance M.A.
Chair, Center for Community Media Steering Committee
Dr. Deborah James

The Reef Story Project : Phase 1 Reef Story Collection

The Reef Story Collection is Part 1 and the foundation of a three-part applied research project to tell the life story of the Florida Reef and the people who connect us to this natural place. The Collection represents location-specific artifacts and research materials and serves as a process to sort, catalogue, and classify this content into a systemized structure to begin to tell this story.

Amplifying Carysfort Reef.

The Reef Story Collection (Demo) includes a limited number of photographs, maps, digitized historic artifacts and illustrations of, or related to Carysfort Reef, dating from circa 1770 to 2019. Once the Collection is moved to the live site and becomes a prototype, it will also include videos, citations and links to scholarly publications, as well as interviews and oral histories, as they become available. As the project grows, it will include additional reef locations along the system.

Open and transparent.

Built on an institutional repository platform (OPUS), the Reef Story Collection is an open access resource that serves to present multiple types of content from different perspectives across time, creating opportunities to identify different approaches to the reef and ultimately, to explore how we shape the reef and the reef shapes us.

Connecting the details.

This collection is co-created with the people and organizations that connect us to this natural place and forms the basis for transdisciplinary research and multimedia projects.

Navigating the Collection

In this demo, the collection can be accessed by medium and theme.



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