Submission Guidelines for Faculty Research and Creative Activity

Who Can Submit

Faculty Research and Creative Activity only publishes research and creative works authored or co-authored by present and former Faculty of Governors State University. For additional information, please contact OPUS staff at

How to Submit a Paper

1. Make sure your paper is in an acceptable format. We can accept papers in Microsoft Word, Rich Text Format (RTF), or Adobe Acrobat (PDF).


If you use a word-processing program other than Microsoft Word, look for an "export" or "save as" option in your program to save it as an RTF file. If you have questions, please contact us at


We can convert files from some programs into an acceptable format. Please contact OPUS@govst.ed.

2. Write an abstract for your paper if you do not already have one. This is required for final posting by OPUS staff. It can be any length. Please also select keywords. These are words that will help a user locate your paper through a search.

3. You may submit the paper in two ways:

A. by emailing it to Include in an email message or paper cover page the following information: abstract; keywords; and name, affiliation (department and university), and email address for each author. OR

B. by author upload directly to OPUS, using the "submit research" links. Please create an OPUS account by using "My Account" links at the top of the page.

Abstracts to works with links to full text or other web sites where the material may be accesses will be considered for submission on a case by case basis.

5. Topics in the Submission form that are highlighted in RED are required fields (Title, author, publication date, full text file.). If an abstract is not included, OPUS staff will create one. It is not necessary to complete every data field or select Disciplines, but doing so is helpful.

6. Batch upload of research work metadata is possible. For more information, or if you have any questions, contact, or contact Paul Blobaum

Overview of the Process

OPTION 1 (author review):

After you submit your paper, we will create an Adobe Acrobat (PDF) version of the paper. We will then send you a message asking you to approve the PDF version. Please look it over within 5 days and reply to as soon as possible. At this stage, we're unable to make any changes beyond the truly necessary. You will be notified by e-mail when the paper is posted.

OPTION 2 (no author review):

After you submit your paper, we will create an Adobe Acrobat (PDF) version of it and publish it on the site. You will be notified by e-mail when the paper is posted.

How to Revise Your Paper

If you publish this paper or a revised version elsewhere, for example in a journal, please send the citation of the new version to We will be able to make links to the published version in the OPUS record for your work.

If you would like to post a revised version of your paper on the site, please follow the instructions in How to Submit; however, please specify when you submit the paper that it is a revision of a previously submitted paper, and include dates.