GSU View

GSU View is a newsletter published by the university since 2007 and delivered to GSU students and employees via email.

From August 2007-November 2013, monthly compilations of the newsletter were available on the former GSU website in a blog style format with the latest issue appearing at the top. These monthly compilations were downloaded, converted to PDF, and are part of this collection.

Outlook email files from March 3, 2008 onwards have been converted to PDF format for inclusion in this collection.

The current issue of the GSU View is posted at


Submissions from 2007


GSU View, 2007-10, Office of Public Affairs


GSU View, 2007-09, Office of Public Affairs


GSU View, 2007-08, Office of Public Affairs

Submissions from 209


GSU View, 2019-04-16, Office of Marketing and Communications