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Summer 1998


Course syllabus for ART 561 Painting: Development of a Theme

Course description: This course is for advanced students in painting and drawing. The emphasis of the course is conceptual development. The theme or concept is the content of the painting - what is to be expressed. The motif/subject is the form or vehicle by which the theme or concept is portrayed. Students may, of course, use more than one motif or form to express their ideas.

The development of a theme is to be achieved by a series of paintings and drawings. Although this is primarily a painting course, drawings are mandatory - paintings are to be based upon preparatory drawing studies.

The approach may vary from student to student. Some, especially those who at this time do not have a theme, may prefer to start with a motif and seek its expressive potentials. Others, who are perhaps more advanced, may begin with a theme and either seek a motif(s) to express their theme or perhaps refine their existing direction in painting.