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Spring 1986


Course syllabus for CDIS 816 History, Philosophy and Professional Aspects of Communication Disorders

Course description: During the first one-third of this course, I will review in presentation discussion format (1) the history and emergence of the communication disorders profession, (2) the current role of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association in this profession with special reference to the ASHA certification process, and (3) basic issues and major work settings in the delivery of speech-language pathology and audiology services as well as the nature of related health professions and the relation of speech-language pathology and audiology to these professions in the delivery of services. During the last two-thirds of this course, each student will select (in consultation with me) and present to the class in seminar format several topics concerning the history, philosophy, and professional aspects of the communication disorder profession which are of interest to that student. Each student will (with consultation) also select a major term topic of interest to that student and write a formal term paper on that topic carefully following APA guidelines in style of presentation.