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Publication Date

Winter 1998


Course syllabus for MCOM 570 Media Workshop: Videoconferencing

Course description: The Media Workshops (MCOM 570) offer opportunities for students and faculty to focus on selected media technologies, skills and issues in a workshop setting using University-wide and outside resources, as appropriate. Workshops may be repeated for different subjects.

This workshop in videoconferencing is designed around the development of one or two videoconferences involving locations at GSU and other places, perhaps far removed from GSU. The ideas for these projects may be from clients asking the University for assistance or from the Workshop participants themselves.

At least, one project will be a satellite-distributed videoconference involving audiences who require quick access to essential information delivered on a point-to-multi-point basis. Workshop participants will form the videoconference team often created for such a project or event. The instructor will act as the Executive Producer and assist coordination of the project, which will be the prime responsibility of the Workshop.

A second, different kind of videoconference may utilize the compressed video facilities of GSU, including its interactive classroom, to bring individuals and/or groups together. This will normally be a point-to-point interconnection or involve a limited number of sites in more of a meeting type of situation. Various media may be integrated. This is typically more of a meeting type of situation, rather than a more complex studio or remote production typical in satellite events.

In addition to actual project creation, development and execution, selected issues and resources related to videoconferencing, including various applications and networks, will be covered as time allows.