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Fall 1985


Course syllabus for MGMT 845 Small Business Management

Course description: The study of small business operations by analyzing and resolving business problems at individual, local, small businesses. Each team has a separate field case to handle. The first 1/3 semester, involves general study of the characteristics of small businesses. The remainder of the course will involve meetings between the team and the client, the team and the instructor, analysis of the records and notes on the business, and study or review of special subjects and areas relevant to the specific case.

After the assignment of teams to cases and introduction of the teams to the client, the teams will operate with the client, with the instructor, SCORE, SBA and other individuals and groups as resources.

Clients may be given verbal suggestions and/or comments based on research. The final report will be addressed to the client and be given verbally to the client with the written report as a comprehensive backup.