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Master of Public Administration


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Lowell Culver, Ph.D.


In the pages to follow I intend to show how the Village of Rantoul made a killing in the federal funds market. What did the village do? It entered into a joint venture with Chanute Air Force Base to build and operate a regional wastewater treatment plant.This regioinalization saved village residents millions of dollars while the Air Force, assured of money for their own on-base plant from the Department of Defense, had nothing to lose and public support to gain.In the end, both the village and Chanute Air Force Base have their regional wastewater treatment facility. The self-interest of both institutions is obvious. What is less obvious is the role of interest group politics in producing such a result and that is the topic of this paper.


A research paper was the required capstone project in the MPA program in 1988. OPUS editors decided to post this in the Thesis series. The paper has been redacted for public posting.