Publication Date

Fall 2015

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Arts



First Advisor

Michael Hart, M.F.A.

Second Advisor

Javier Chavira, M.F.A.

Third Advisor

Jerry Slowik, M.F.A.


My work has been rooted in the philosophy of Existentialism. Especially in the belief that individuality is crucial in finding happiness and that we are not preprogrammed prior to birth but are provided some basics but we are the sum of our own experiences and personal choices. Society can compartmentalize humans for its benefit in many ways but this is not beneficial to our personal humanity. What I make are reflections and commentary to how I see these effects and how I choose to try and rebel. Abstract metal weapons, black and pointed, made to covey a battle against conformity, control, and structure. Futuristic metaphors used to swing, jab, and shoot mediocrity. Chunky little facets like tadpoles to the frog. They were created to work with a favorite material and to experiment and develop my skills. Made from a lust to put my hand on steel again. And the boxy, domesticated animals made of steel looking like giant toys. They evoke a claim that the corporate man has become the pig in the trough or the faithful dog on the lease. Empty and humorous they define how human supply and demand along with control has reduced the working man to just another cog in the wheel. How standardization has made work so completely uninteresting you can barely cope.

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Sculpture Commons