Publication Date

Spring 2017

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science


Computer Science

First Advisor

Xin Chen, Ph.D.

Second Advisor

Soon-Ok Park, Ph.D.

Third Advisor

Steve Shih, Ph.D.


Social media sites allow users to communicate and share their information which are a matter of privacy for users, so users should be aware about its limitations and disad-vantages to use social media sites. Likewise, there are many social media sites with its dif-ferent features and it typically works with the latest technology that is provided by the ex-perts to get connected and go along with the flow. The online privacy issues have been a re-al time problem and these however is the main aim for the experts to reduce the problems while sharing the kind of content that is allowed by the social media sites. There are issues that are general and the public need to oppose for the privacy terms and conditions. People these days are concerned about the information that they post on the sites such as Face Book, Twitter and Google Sharing the photos and the latest features are now a sign of a problem for many users. In this research paper, Researcher will explore key infor-mation about the privacy issues and problems reported by social media users while using social networking sites. Being a personal user of popular social networking sites, researcher faced privacy concerns that initiated me to conduct a research on actual facts and figures behind the privacy issues among the social networking sites. Nowadays, social media sites are widely used by hackers and un-authorized users where over usage of social media users from different geographic locations lead to in-creased privacy issues across these sites. In order to resolve the privacy concerns, the social media administrators have implemented many secured anti-privacy attack technique tech-niques but still they are not totally successfully providing 100% security to the user privacy over social networking sites. Researcher found this issue to be a serious concern in current cyber crimes for which we have decided to conduct a research on this topic. Researcher had conducted research on pri-vacy issues and found that there are loads of security concerns in terms of privacy issues such as user privacy while photos and videos upload user privacy during messaging and chatting, user privacy during shares and uploads. All these issues seemed to be critical in terms of security where there is a huge necessity for implementing effective security tech-niques that are highly capable in reducing privacy issues and ensure 100% privacy to the social media users. With use of this study researcher will explain the key privacy concerns reported in social media sites and current approaches available to reduce those issues. Researcher will explain the current scope of using those techniques and their limitations in providing privacy to the users. Finally, with use of this paper, researcher will investigate and propose best security technique that can be implemented to reduce the privacy concerns across social media sites.