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What's Your Biggest Secret?
Emely M. Oviedo, Sydney B. Snapp, and George Kazanecki


Similarities and Differences in Disciplinary Appeals Processes Across a Sample of Illinois Police Departments
Monee Adams, Nancy Benitex, Shakyra Bew, Jamaya Bond, Angelique Cowan, Dina Davis, Brenda Gomez, Jordyn Knapp, Eric Lopez, Jada Melo, Lizzett Nevarez, Arianna Paiz, Alexis Roman, Omar Terrazas, Charity Wiley, Briionna Williams, Ayah Kurdi, Kelly Pickert, Jose Torres, and Michael Zydek


Parental Involvement in Urban Schools
Tiffany M. Weathers-Fincher


Working Title: What can the Profession Do?
Chevonne Alston, Anton Lewis, and Lauren Rukasuwan


From Wolves to Worms to Microbes: Multi-trophic Level Interactions
Adrian Magana, Alex Marin, and John A. Yunger


Interprofessional Doctoral Education in Health Professions in the United States
Ning Lu, Catherine H. Balthazar, Caren Schranz, and Kai-Wen Cheng

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