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With the rising cost of college, many students face a range of economic challenges, including the professional attire required for job and internship interviews. In response to this problem, the University of North Carolina offers a career-readiness program that allows students to “shop” for free professional clothing at its on-campus Food Pantry. The program is called Attire for Hire (AFH) and the purpose of this study was to examine its impact on participants in need of professional interview clothing. Participants were asked to complete a survey regarding their satisfaction, confidence, and knowledge of career development after the implementation of the AFH event. All participants reported to have acquired career branding skills, professionalism skills and at least one item of interview-ready clothing. Due to the lack of existing literature, the findings presented in this study provide preliminary support for the value of on-campus programs like AFH. More research is needed on this topic as colleges and universities consider innovative ways to prepare all students for the successful transition into the workplace



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