Publication Ethics Statement

Publication Ethics Statement:

This journal is committed to maintaining the highest levels of integrity in publication. Authors must refrain from misrepresenting research results. The following rules of sound scientific practice should be followed:

• The manuscript may not be submitted to more than one journal for simultaneous consideration.
• The submitted work must be original and should not have been published elsewhere in any form or language, partially or in full.
• Results should be presented honestly, clearly, and without falsification of inappropriate manipulation of data.
• Any data, text, or theories of others must be properly attributed. Acknowledgements to other works must be properly cited and referenced. Use of any such materials must be properly referenced and permissions must be secured for copyrighted materials. This includes questionnaires, survey and scales if required.
• Authors are strongly encouraged to ensure that the author group, the corresponding author, the order of authors and author affiliations are all correct at submission. Any changes in authorship should be explained in detail. Changes many not be made after acceptance of a manuscript.
• Upon request authors should be prepared to submit relevant documentation or data in order to verify validity of results presented. While sensitive information in the form of propriety or confidential data is excluded, authors may be requested to submit records, raw data, samples, etc.