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The purpose of this study was to measure the impact of core vocabulary selection and the subsequent usage of a prescribed core vocabulary intervention over a period of one trimester (13-week period) and to report its impact on the overall communicative effectiveness of kindergarten students with language delay using augmentative and alternative communication (AAC). Study participants were provided with a pretest, speech and language therapy sessions in which intervention took place, and a posttest, which was administered by a speech–language pathologist. Intervention implementation commenced at the beginning of the school year and extended through the end of the trimester.13-week period. Data were examined at weekly intervals throughout the trimester. Analysis of the data determined the effect of selecting and using a core vocabulary intervention on overall communication in AAC users exhibiting language delay. The treatment group (n=15) received core vocabulary intervention in a naturalistic, aided-language environment, with modeling for the use of core vocabulary words. Acquisition of and significant improvement in core vocabulary usage was noticed, along with an increase in expressive language skills in line with individualized education plan (IEP) goals. The implications of core vocabulary intervention in the enhancement of language skills for Kindergarten-aged children who use AAC are discussed.

Keywords: core vocabulary intervention, language-delayed, kindergarten, augmentative and alternative communication, language intervention